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Ivoloina Tamatave

Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty – Brian Greene

One of the most exciting parts of living in a new place and a new country is to explore. We didn’t come to Madagascar to live within the walls of a compound. We came here to live, explore, experience and learn. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful driver who knows his way around the place, it certainly makes life so much easier! So far we have done a couple of short tours around the area.

First proper visit was to Ivoloina Zoo which is not really a Zoo in the traditional way in which you have a whole bunch of animals in cages or pens. This is more of a nature park with rescued Lemurs and a couple of other species of animals which are being taken care off. Anything else within the area is roaming free. As most people reading this will know, Madagascar is home to a vast diverse range of animals, plants and trees which is unique to the island.

To get to Ivoloina is pretty simple but like most things here when it comes to traveling, it takes time! Most of the road is tarmac except for the last 4 km which is a pretty bumpy track which takes you past a couple of villages where you will see people smashing rocks which they will then sell for roads or building.

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