Daily Archives: 01/09/2016

Solar Eclipse

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”.
–Steve Jobs

What a fabulous quote by Steve Jobs, so very true.

Ever since knowing we were moving to Madagascar, we have known that on Thursday September 1st there was going to be an annular eclipse and that it would cover about 90% of the surface of the sun. We have been keeping an eye on the forecast for several days, yesterday 31/08, we had torrential showers, the worrying thing was that the forecast was pretty much the same for today. When we got up at 6am, we could hear the rain. However, as the morning progressed it wasn’t too bad. Cloudy but at least no rain. I went out to the football field at 11:00 am and caught the beginning of this amazing event.


A little after 12 o’clock all the kids came out from school and all met up on the football field, we all brought some food, had a picnic and all watched in amazement as the light faded gradually and the temperature dropped noticeably.

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