Little Nomad turns 6

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!
Dr. Seuss
Well, our international little Nomad turns 6 today. It is quite amazing to look back over the years and just wonder, where does time go!

She is having a fantastic time here, and quite frankly, I can’t really think of a better place for her to grow up in. She can go out and we know she is safe, she can go and do things and start getting a taste of independence but in a safe environment.

So far, Katja has celebrated her birthdays in five different countries in three different continents! While we were living in the northern hemisphere it was a bit easier to continue this as her birthday falls during the summer break. However, now we are in the south, her birthday falls during “winter” school term!

Every year we celebrate Katja’s birthday, we cannot help but wonder what her biological mother is thinking. We all refer to her as Katja’s “tummy mummy”. Cathy and I cannot help but wonder what feelings her “mother” would have the 23rd of August each year. Surely she must think of the little girl she left in a children’s home the day after she was born. I guess this is a question none of us may ever have an answer…..

Tooth fairy alert!

Can her birthday get any better? The tooth which had been loose for a few days finally came out!


A selection of Kit Kat through the years!

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