Ocean 501 Tamatave

“Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.”
― Amit Ray, Meditation: Insights and Inspirations

We are so fortunate to live not only in a unique place, but also one which is surrounded by beautiful places.

We popped over to Ocean 501 for a bite to eat on Monday. It was a religious holiday here, something to do with the Assumption of something or another. Important bit was that it was a day to chill out. What better way to get there than a good bike ride! I asked our driver to follow me as I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going. Yes, he followed me. Whenever I needed to turn he would beep the horn and indicate, a system which worked a treat! On the way back I actually followed one of the other drivers back part of the way. Problem with doing that is that they tend to drive too slowly for my liking!

Ocean 501 is a lovely restaurant in unequaled surroundings just outside Tamatave. I arrived at 11 am and requested a table outside which they duly set up for us. The views are pretty amazing! Cathy, Katja and a couple of other people joined me about an hour later. This gave me a chance to chill out and have a beer!

We had a fabulous meal which at 20 GBP for a three course meal for the three of us it is extremely reasonable! Riding back took me a little longer than riding there!!

And for the rest of the afternoon? What else other than practice my unicycling skills while Cathy chilled out for a bit and Katja played!


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