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Here We Go Again

“I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag

Oh how appropriate this quote is, I think it describes us to a “T”!
Looking at the archives, I realise I haven’t sat down and written anything for quite some time, but quite frankly, not a great deal has happened in that time, so, no, you haven’t missed much! Well, in a way you have but I have been waiting to have enough news to make it worth your while reading it! Sadly, life isn’t all about constant adventures and excitement, sometimes we have to do the boring grown up bit and lead relative “normal” lives, even though this may be in what may be considered as “abnormal” circumstances.

So What’s New? what's new

I guess I can make it more public now as all the relevant people have been informed. This will be our final year in Qatar. In June 2016 we will be leaving Qatar and moving on. Where to? Well, that bit we are not sure about yet, we have some ideas and particular locations we would LOVE to go to, watch this space for further updates, it may be we won’t find out until January but we are keeping our fingers crossed we can sort something out sooner.


This time of the year is normally stunning! However, it is still hot and pretty humid, making going out during the daytime a bit harder than last year. It has cooled down and it is just about reaching 40 which is a big improvement on 50 only a few weeks ago. I always had this theory that once you go past 40 it is hot, full stop. Well, there is a big difference between 40 and 50, 40 is hot, 50 is a bit like someone leaving a fan assisted oven door open.

School etc, etc

Katja continues to enjoy school and make good progress, here’s something out of her class blog, just click on the link below.
Kati Reading a Story

New Website Alert!

I have created a new website, no, it won’t replace this blog, the website is part 1 of several parts, check out British Nomads , you can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!