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Happy New (School) Year

Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.

Benjamin Disraeli

When Katja bounced into our bedroom at 04:30 this morning (just 10 minutes before our alarm clocks where due to go off), our lovely 9 week holiday seemed just a distant memory. Perhaps we imagined it all and it maybe never even happened!

Katja has been extremely excited to start KG, this is her third year at school (not including nursery). She has been so excited that she was wearing her school uniform last week!

I must admit that I (and Cathy as well as most expats in the Middle East), still find it bizarre going to school on Sunday. But still, today marked the beginning of our “new year” and also back to getting up at some ungodly hour, way, way, way too early but hey, that’s life in the desert for you. But on the positive side, we have a one week holiday (Eid-al-Adha) in two weeks time. No, we are not planning on going anywhere for the Eid break, I think we have traveled enough this year (Australia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Bulgaria, UK, Saudi, UAE and Oman) so the plan is to stay at home. The weather is still hot, hot hot (and very humid) but we are looking forward with great anticipation a lovely mild Qatari winter. We have already started planning our camping trips, with the first one scheduled for October 23rd, providing it has cooled down enough. There are rumours on the street that it won’t cool down until November!

To all teachers and students starting their new school year, HAVE A GREAT YEAR and have lots of FUN!