2500 km under the blazing sun – Abu Dhabi

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”

William Feather

Exploring Abu Dhabi

One of the first things that hit us as soon as we arrived in our hotel in Abu Dhabi was how friendly people were. Workers smiled and people seemed genuinely please to see you and to be of help.
The Hotel upgraded our room so we had a bigger room. Even though we had booked for 2 adults plus a kid, there was no bed for Katja but she was more than happy to sleep on the sofa which doubled up nicely as a bed for her. We popped to the top floor and checked out the rooftop pool which was just perfect…but not till later as we had some exploring to do first.
We took advantage of the hotel running a free shuttle to Marina Mall. This was about 20 minutes from the hotel which gave us a chance to look around the city at the same time. What caught our eye was the sense of space and the greenery as well as the higher number of saloon cars as opposed to 4x4s! We arrived at Marina Mall and had a wander. It is a large and very smart mall, less than half an hour after arriving we were out the front door jumping into a taxi. Our driver was a lovely Ugandan driver. We chatted all the way to the indoor Souq. This is a lovely souq with the advantages of modern technology (air conditioning) and all the traditional features to be found in a traditional souq. We wandered around and bought some souveniers before jumping into the next taxi to take us to what was the highlight of our visit….Sheikh Zayed Mosque (grand Mosque). This has to be one of the most beautiful buildings I have been in, the features are amazing, this is well worth a visit if you are ever in Abu Dhabi. There’s a real sense of serenity and tranquility throughout the building, simply breath taking.
After this awesome experience we headed back to the hotel. Our taxi driver must have thought he must have been a formula one driver in a previous life, hitting speeds of up to 120kph. Strangely enough, we arrived in our hotel rather quickly!
We went to our room, got changed and popped to the top floor for a lovely swim. This was followed by a lovely dinner accompanied by a rather large Gin and Tonic. The perfect way to end the day.
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