Mike Cathy & Katja do the UK II

Part Two

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
― Lao Tzu

In the past 11 years we have spent very little time back home, this time round, we were spending 5 weeks in the UK which meant we could catch up with all our friends.

Having arrived on Thursday morning, this gave us the day to sort ourselves out and unpack. Cathy’s brothers were very kind in letting us stay with them and use their house as our base during our time in the UK. Friday morning I headed off back to Manchester to pick up my mother who was visiting Oswestry for the first time in many years. For the next 10 days it was a mixture of catching up with people and catching up with my mother. We had lovely days out including the Orthopaedic Hospital Summer Fete which Katja enjoyed very much as she got to sit in an ambulance, police car, fire engine and helicopter! We also did Park Hall Farm as well as a quick trip to one of my favourite islands, Anglesey.

During the first week I also took a run down to Poole to attend a meeting and meet up with several people.

When we lived in Cheltenham during the early 90’s we had some very good friends who we had lost touch with. I had always kept their number on my phone but we hadn’t been in touch since around 1997! Anyway, we decided to ring them and fortunately they still had the same number. They invited us to go and stay with them for the weekend.

Traveling the UK 11737861_10206808152620639_3417304816421456353_n

Within our holiday, we also had a holiday booked in Wales. We headed off to Cardigan Bay, an area I hadn’t been to in a very long time. We had a lovely apartment with private garden and awesome views of the bay. We had a lovely week with fabulous weather. We spent many hours playing on the beach building sand castles and just messing about and chilling out. After this lovely relaxing time we headed off to Cheltenham to meet up with our friends. We had an awesome time with them. It’s amazing how some people, even though you haven’t seen them in many years, you can carry on from where you left last time you saw them. They have 4 kids so Katja had a fabulous time too She even had a sleep over in their house as we got to enjoy the annex above their garage!

After a lovely weekend catching up it was time to head back to Oswestry….


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