Graduation Day

“An invincible determination can accomplish almost anything and in this lies the great distinction between great men and little men.”
Thomas Fuller

It’s weird thinking we have now been in Qatar 10 months, or more to the point pretty much an entire school year! It has been a weird year, lots of travelling and several health issues, I guess it is all part of growing older.

On Tuesday we had Katja’s graduation. She’s had a fab year, great classmates and three mindlowingly amazing teachers. We couldn’t have asked for better! In my day (here’s were I sound and feel quite old!) I can’t recall any form of graduation or parties when we finished pre K, I guess at best I may have had a lolly pop and a pat on the back! I guess times have changed and things are done differently. Anyway, the stage was set (quite literally), a massive arch made out of balloons and a table full of food. We had a slide show meticulously put together by her teacher, this was followed by a couple of plays and a song in Arabic (either Katja got it or she’s very good at miming!) – This was soon followed by presentation of their diplomas. It was lovely watching her walking up the stage looking very proud and collecting her certificate, she looked so grown up, but she will always be my baby! Katja was also presented with her portfolio of what she has done throughout the year. I will scan it over the coming weeks, it is simply amazing. Not just what she has done and achieved but the tremendous dedication and amount of work her teachers have put into compiling all this, believe me, it is amazing!


How the Weather?
As I have said previously, I will never complain about the weather. We are fortunate enough to be in rooms with air conditioning pretty much all the time, either that or we are in an air conditioned car. It has hit 50 + on several occasions. At least it has been a very dry heat which according to my weather app, humidity has been as low as 8% which is pretty low. The short amount of time I spend outside you can really feel the sun burning your skin, it is pretty bizarre, something quite indescribable unless you experience it in person. My thoughts are with the poor guys working in building sites, petrol stations and those who have to work outdoors full stop. Laws kick in as from the 15th of June as to working hours so at least workers are not exposed to the higher temperatures during peak times. We are noticing a shift in the weather as it is becoming increasingly humid in the mornings, according to my weather app is was pushing 90% – We are fortunate to leave and head off to cooler climes!

This was the view from our kitchen at 05:15 this morning, all the condensation is on the outside! 


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