Family Day

“Family is not about blood. It is about who is willing to hold your hand when you need it the most.” –Unknown

Four years ago today, we were setting off on a long drive back to Sofia. With the difference that we had a child seat and a sweet, sweet smily little girl strapped into it. On this day, we became a family. It was at this point too that we realised that kids don’t come with an instruction manual or a CD Rom, you just have to make it up as you’re going along. We’ve had tears and tantrums (and that’s just me), we have also had lots of laughs and memorable moments (like the time I left home without wipes in the car and Katja had the most tremendous nappy explosion in the back of the car. I then discovered that trying to change a nappy on the street in Sofia would attract the attention of many onlookers, especially after I managed to get it all over myself too). Until meeting Katja, I had never actually held a baby before, for me it was a steep learning curve but one I (sort off) got to grips with.

Our friends in Bulgaria and AAS Staff were amazing, thanks to all the help and support we received from them it made an enormous difference to us and we will always be in their debt as they totally surpassed themselves!

driving home

We have had great opportunities to travel and Katja has definitely seen a lot of the world, perhaps much more than most adults will see in a lifetime! She has been in Bulgaria, Spain, UK, Qatar, Sri Lanka and Australia. Wherever she has gone, she has charmed her way into people’s hearts and made friends very easily with her big, big smile and beautiful outgoing personality.

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