Staycationing in Qatar

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”
Mark Twain.

Spring Break heralded a very welcome break. With Cathy still recovering from her surgery in March, she returned to school for the last week before Spring break but really (and I mean really) struggling with a horrible cold.
Qatar as I am very quickly getting used to seeing and saying is a land of surprises. I must admit we had a lovely relaxing week off (mostly).


The weather is getting progressively hotter but still quite pleasant as temperatures have come down following relatively windy (and dusty) days. We had a great time swimming and just chillin out. Last night (Friday) we popped over to our favourite hang out in Doha, the Souq. There were several activities going on, which we thoroughly enjoyed while having a pizza. Before leaving we made a compulsory stop in the park where Katja got a chance to release some energy (mostly provided by a chocolate ice cream she had earlier on!)
Our staycation wasn’t just relaxing and chilling out by the pool, it also included a trip to hospital. This time it wasn’t for Cathy, but for me. Some things here will never cease to amaze me. We arrived for my appointment which was for 08:40 (Katja had a play-date). When I say hospital, I mean it is a bit more like a hotel with slightly more personalised attention. Patients are not patients but refered to as guests, there are people doing rounds with a trolley serving tea and coffee and extremely comfortable sofas and chairs throughout. Before seeing the Doctor a nurse checked my blood pressure and temperature (I have a real phobia of hospitals and Doctors, I am surprised my blood pressure wasn’t sky high!). I saw the Doctor at exactly 08:40 (appointment time), this was followed by an ultrasound and blood tests. I then returned to see the Doctor with my results and it was then decided that I needed to have my gallbladder removed as a gallstone is causing considerable discomfort. I was then referred to for surgery and met up with the surgeon. A lovely chap who worked in the UK for 20 + years. We agreed on a follow up appointment and to also arrange to meet the anesthetist and to have more blood tests for surgery. I did all this and we were back home by 12:30! Not bad for 4.5 hrs. I am seeing the surgeon again on May 6th as well as the anesthetist. Surgery will be on May 10th. The surgeon said I will be in hospital one night and week to recover (all going well that is). I am looking forward to starting cycling again after this.

June, July and August will be spent mostly traveling! June kicks off with me heading off to Bulgaria for a few days. I come back to Doha and the following weekend I am driving a friend’s car across Saudi Arabia and into Abu Dhabi and flying back to Doha. Then on June 25th we fly home to the UK until the end of July. We will then head back to Doha and 10 days later head off to Sri Lanka.
Staycationing in Doha during these holidays has been great as it provided a much needed rest for all of us, however, I must admit; we are really (REALLY) looking forward to the summer!!!



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