Having Fun in Qatar

“Enjoy life. There’s plenty of time to be dead.”
― Hans Christian Andersen

We are currently on Spring Break (or Easter as it is better known in other countries!). So, with Cathy still recovering from her op, we are taking it relatively easy and doing things around home as opposed to traveling anywhere.
It seems to be that there’s always something happening in Qatar which is why we are not exactly devastated at the prospect of spending time here and continue getting to know this interesting country.
Souq Wakif
The Souq is one of our favourite places here in Doha, the smells in the spice Souq, the atmosphere and the buzz is just tremendous, without any shadow of doubt, a very special place. Last night was even more exciting than usual as there were also loads of activities to go with it. There was wrestling, marching bands (see video), tight rope walkers and loads more. We went over with a friend and her two kids who are slightly older than Katja and enjoyed an evening of entertainment and a lovely pizza watching the world go by, what more can one ask for (apart from a cold beer to go with it)!

Al Zubarah Fort
This morning we decided to head out of the city for a bit. A few weeks back, I popped over to Al Zubarah fort. It’s a nice run and they have a couple of tents there where you can sample some awesome typical Qatari food and teas as well as the girls getting henna tattoos. Not bad considering it is all free! It was also a chance for Kati to get on a camel. She has “chickened out” a couple of times on previous ocassions but this time she was determined to be a real risk taker!. It was pushing 40 degrees so the idea of standing out in the sun for too long wasn’t my idea of fun but after a false start she summoned the courage to hop on with daddy. The first go she “chickened out” so I went up on my own. I guess seeing that I survived it gave her some confidence so she decided to come up. She was very proud of herself and talked about it most of the way home!
We are now coming to the time of the year in which going out during the day isn’t as pleasant as during winter. As we were driving along the temperature on the car went up to 42 a couple of times. As the heat has been dry, it has been quite bearable but this is the start of the hot season. As I said on previous posts, we really cannot complain as we hop into a nicely air conditioned vehicle and go to a nicely air conditioned apartment, I do feel sorry for the poor sods that have to work outdoors!

 Have a Nice Day! 


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