Back to Normality…. Sort of!

“The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.”
― Joe Ancis

Even though I haven’t written much (or at all really) in the past month it’s been due to lack of time and not due to not much happening.
Exactly four weeks ago at this time I was pacing in a small room while Cathy was undergoing surgery. For her it has been a month of ups and downs and having to take it easy and plenty of rest. Easy in the first week but as she felt better it became harder. On the 19th we had our second visitors since we moved to Qatar. Tim and Andy (Cathy’s brothers) came and staid with us for a little over a week. It was good to spend time with them and to show them all the interesting sites Qatar has to offer.
March ended on a very sad note. A friend of ours and Cathy’s colleague passed away completely unexpectedly. She was only a year older than us. In the weeks following Cathy’s operation, she coordinated many meals and was in touch with us on a regular basis. It was an incredible shock and a very sad loss.
Today, four weeks to the day, Cathy had a follow up check up and has been given the all clear to go back to work. Hurrah! During the past month I’ve had the chance to sleep in; sort of. As katja doesn’t start school until 7am, it meant being able to set the alarm for 5:40 am which is a luxury compared to 04:50! However, all good things come to an end and tomorrow we are back to getting up at 04:50 am.
We started 2015 traveling and it seems to be that that patter will continue. June I am going to Bulgaria. A few days after returning from Bulgaria I am driving a friend’s car to Abu Dhabi. The drive from Qatar through Saudi and into Abu Dhabi should be interesting. I am not expecting it to be very scenic but it’s one for the bucket list. On the 24th of June we fly home to England and staying until the 31st of July. We come back to Qatar for 10 days and then head off to Sri Lanka for 2 weeks. We have been invited to attend the Esala Perahera Festival in Kandy. We will also pop in to see the family who we met on the beach when we were in Waduwa in February. If you remember, they had never had a photo taken and were very excited when I took photos of everybody as a group. We didn’t have the opportunity to print the photos out and give them to them then; so we will hopefully do it this time round.
Thursday morning I woke up a bit earlier than usual; a little after 4:00 am. As usual, I checked the latest Facebook postings and cought up with the latest news on Twitter. One thing came coming up time and time again on Facebook and this was about some incredible sand storm. I knew it was a bit windy but never heard a thing. I looked out of our bedroom window and was greeted by an amazing seen of what looked like very thick fog. This was pure and unadulterated SAND! By order of the education council schools were shut thus giving kids a long weekend (teachers in a number of schools were requested to attend work as usual, unless they had children). Needless to say, once daylight broke, the seen was pretty amazing. It had been one of the worst sandstorms Qatar had seen in over a decade. We were lucky as we had our A/C switched off and all windows shut; many weren’t so lucky!

Life is precious, life is fragile, it is tragic, it is fun, it has its ups and downs. Just because today was terrible it does not make it a terrible life. Take the chance to hug a loved one and tell them you love them. We don’t know how long we have on this planet so make the most of it. Enjoy today as there may not be a tomorrow. Don’t complain about getting older, this is a privilege denied to many.


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