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Thank you

You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.
George Burns

As you get older, things travel south, start rattling their way loose or simply no longer work any more. We start dying the day we are born and with every second that passes we grow older. This is probably why it is so important to enjoy life and not to take it too seriously whenever possible, after all, none of us are getting out of it alive! As we grow older (but but no means old) health care becomes a bigger and more important consideration. We are lucky to have taken this into account when moving to Qatar as not too long into our stay here we have needed it.
20150307_123854459_iOSIt is usually me the one that ends up needing medical care. Over the years I have had a suspected broken neck after a car accident, smashed legs in a motorbike accident and nearly died in Bulgaria after contracting Encephalitis. This time it was Cathy’s turn to check out our local medical facilities. On Saturday 7th March she underwent a fairly big operation to treat a condition which even though not life threatening, it was certainly affecting her quality of life. Considering it was major surgery she was out of hospital 48 hours later and sent home to recover having been signed off work for a month. I think the highlight of her hospital stay has to be the amount of food she was presented with! Snacks before breakfast, countless number of people coming in and out of the room with menus and more food. This wasn’t quite like any hospital food either, Cathy kept moaning the food was too spicy, wow! The other memorable part of her hospital stay was the absolute rubbish Wifi speed. OK, ok, ok, not many years ago did we not even have wifi in hospitals but in fact, mobile phones were actually banned. I remember when I had my (first) accident in the Gloucester. I was taken to Gloucester hospital and they actually brought a payphone to my bed! Anyway, from Cathy’s perspective, care and medical staff were excellent but of course she was extremely happy and relieved to come back home. Kati knew mummy needed an operation and she was most upset at the thought of mummy having to have a needle stuck in her arm (never mind the real gory bits)! To make it a bit easier for her, we told her mummy had gone to a conference. On the Monday I had a chat with her and explained that after the “conference” mummy had gone into hospital and had her operation. She accepted this and has been (mostly) very good and cooperative.

Thank You!!

thank-youWhen you live away from your home country, it is friends who make all the difference and in a way become your substitute family….of sorts. People here have been absolutely AMAZING. We really don’t have enough words to express our gratefulness to all those who from the first moment they knew Cathy was going into hospital immediately and unconditionally offered to help. This included countless play-dates for Katja, text messages, Facebook messages, food being cooked and delivered to us as well as a stream of people coming to see us. Speaking on Cathy’s behalf, and myself, we cannot thank you guys enough. It’s been a hard couple of weeks (particularly for Cathy) but so many people have proven to be excellent friends, from all of us THANK YOU!

Cathy will be out of action for several weeks while she recovers, her first post surgery follow up has been positive and fingers crossed this will continue.