Bike Ride

Marriage is a wonderful invention: then again, so is a bicycle repair kit!
– Billy Connolly

I haven’t written much lately purely as I haven’t had all that much to say!
Kati and I went out for a bike ride today, Cathy walked along and we all went to the park in the compound. I have a camera mount on my bike which I have just placed in on a much better spot. Before you make any comments, I know I need to sort the breaks out as they are grinding, you don’t notice it much but it is actually quite windy. I was surprised how clear it is even though it is windy. We have had some pretty dusty days over the past couple of weeks. We are still waiting to see any rain here; we had some incredibly quick very brief shower at night some months ago; however, I can honestly say I have not seen any rain in Qatar since arriving in August last year!

Here are some videos I took today!

To the Park We Go

Out for a Ride

Ride Back Home

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