Another Camping Weekend in Qatar

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

I think this is such an applicable quote for those of us who enjoy camping and getting away from it all, even if it is just a few hours. One of the great things I enjoy about camping is leaving everything behind and spending a few hours pretending to lead a more simple life. This is true on the one hand but a bit of a lie on the other as when we go camping we do take several little luxuries such as an inflatable mattress and other modern gadgets. However, being able to spend an evening under the stars and away from concrete buildings is very refreshing for the soul and mind.

Purple Island!

Access to Purple Island

Access to Purple Island

We loved our last trip to Purple Island which feels like a million years ago but it was only on December 23rd…not all that long ago really. Pretty much after our last camping trip I created a Facebook event for another camping trip, we loved our time at Purple Island so much that we decided to go back. The run up to the trip was one dusty day after another. It was looking like our trip may be jeopardised due to the amount of dust in the atmosphere which obviously apart from being quite unpleasant it’s not all that good for you either. I took a run to the Island on Thursday morning and found that it was pretty clear.

Off We go!

Reunited with our Tent

Reunited with our Tent

Friday morning I met up with one of the people coming  and we took our usual run to the local site to grab some wood. We filled the boot of my car with plenty of wood to keep a bonfire going till late. A little later and as arranged the group met up in the car park at Lulu’s supermarket near the compound and headed off to the island. There were several people who tagged along for the day which was great. We arrived at the car park to find it was pretty busy. A total contrast to our last visit when we were the only ones there. We made our way onto the island. Fortunately the tide was out so we could walk over the stones without too much hassle. The island was pretty busy but we were the only ones camping. We started pitching our tents and doing endless trips tot he cars bringing stuff. It makes no real difference if you camp for one night or five, it’s just a matter of a bit more food and that’s about it; you still need the same amount of equipment. We were pleased to be able to ditch the small tent and use our proper tent which had come with our shipment in January. It had been a long time since the last time we used it, we certainly never used it in Spain which means the last time we had erected it had been probably when we went camping in Cornwall over 10 years ago!!! As the sun started setting we lit the cooking pit which I had dug out and surrounded with stones. I also made a special area for our bonfire. We cooked loads of food and had a great time enjoying time with existing friends and making new ones. The wood lasted until 23:00 hrs which is exactly what I had calculated. It was a windy night, Katja had her compartment in the tent and was smug like a bug in a rug in her new sleeping bag. In fact, she was the only one who actually got a good night sleep! We all got up pretty early for most peoples’ standard but at a normal time if you live in Qatar. We were all up and about for 05:30 and we lit a new fire to cook breakfast. Food always tastes so much better when cooked outdoors, we had a lovely fried breakfast and then started packing up to head back home. We arrived back home tired but refreshed. There’s something magical about watching the sun go down in the desert, watching the stars come out and sitting in total darkness with the only bit of light coming from a bonfire while chatting and laughing late into the night. Not the most eventful of trips but most certainly, it was an incredibly enjoyable one. We really need to make the most of the “cooler” weather. You can already notice it is getting warmer. we love Purple Island, the nature and the mangroves which provide some sort of greenery, as well as the fact that there are no cars on the island and children can play in a safe environment. The downside is having to walk all the way with all the camping stuff. next camping trip will be on the beach and close to the car.


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