Weekend of Surprises

Sometimes; surprises here come from the most unexpected sources, in this case, both were positive experiences which I couldn’t really have predicted.

Run up to the weekend 10830881_10152921539025844_8635946899356614516_o

The run up to the weekend wasn’t brilliant. We had a message on Facebook to tell us that Sophie (our dog which is now living with a friend of ours) had escaped. naturally this wasn’t the sort of news you want to wake up to. I did all I could via social media to see if anyone had seen her. To make things worse, there had been one hell of a thunderstorm in Spain that night so all I could think of was poor Sophie. Central FM were brilliant in helping as well as many people sharing the appeal as well as people on Twitter too. Towards the end of the day we had the brilliant news that Sophie had been found. She had been taken in by a lady in Alhaurin and had shelter overnight. I think she had a far better night’s sleep than the rest of us. Late Thursday she was reunited with Jenn who had been desperately looking for her.

The Birthday Party

Katja has received numerous invitations to various birthday parties over the past few months. She has attended most of them and enjoyed every single one of them, lots of stories to tell and new friendships being forged. After all, that’s what life is all about, friendships and experiences.

Yesterday, she was invited to go to one of her class-mates birthday party, one of her Qatari friends was having a party at home, the invitation was very specific, NO MEN among other things (I was more than happy to comply and miss out on this!). The map was at best vague, but with some assistance from Google we thought we cracked it. at 07:30 we popped by to see if it was were we though, we found a house which even had a bouncy castle in the garden….happy days, that was easy; or so we thought. We then popped over to do our shopping happy we had “found” our destination for the party.

The party was starting at 15:00 hrs; so at 10 to, we headed in that direction. To our frustration and much to my annoyance, it turned out that the house we thought was the right one; wasn’t the right one at all! We drove around the area, asked people and even rang the hosts but to no avail. After over an hour driving around we rang another parent who we knew was going. The seemed to think  they knew the way so we met up and followed them. We headed in a totally different area to where we had been looking but we reached a bit of a dead end. This is where we were all pretty amazed with what happened next. One of the people in the car we were following stopped at someone’s house and asked for directions while we waited outside. He was invited in and a few minutes later he came out with another Qatari gentleman. The Qatari gentleman then proceeded to jump into his Land Cruiser and guided us to the correct address. Now, have think about wherever it is you live. Put yourself in this situation. as a foreigner, go to random person’s house with some vague directions asking for help. Would they try and help by giving you directions as best they can? Would they shrug their shoulders and say I don’t know? Or would they jump in their car and guide you and make sure you got there?

Shopping Trip

This morning (Saturday) we popped over to Carrefour to do some shopping, mainly a Christmas, tree, decorations and a few other bits and pieces. We had a walkabout and got all the stuff we needed. As we were wandering around Carrefour there was some poor guy trying to make some announcements regarding their 14th anniversary. I say poor guy because the audio was terrible and kept cutting out, nobody had a clue what he was on about. Anyway, after doing all our shopping we headed off to the checkout, happy with what we had purchased. The poor guy trying to make his announcement was still trying to do so. We were in the midst of having our shopping scanned when all of a sudden the chap at the check out announced that this check out had just been selected as a winner, i was a bit confused as I had no idea what was going on. There was a wheel of fortune of roulette that had been spun and landed on number 19, which was our check out. This meant that whoever was having their shopping scanned at the time on that checkout would get it for free. Well, for a change, we were in the right place at the right time so all our stuff was totally free; quite a nice surprise.

Some other stuff from the weekend



After our shopping trip on Friday morning (before the birthday party) we headed to Al Khor to watch the Qatar Mile. This is an event where people with fast cars and bikes go and test their speed on a 1 mile runway. It was great fun. There was also plenty of entertainment for Katja too. We arrived home just as it was starting to rain. We were very excited by this, unfortunately it was only a few drops and literally came to nothing. A short while later, the wind picked up and the sky went very dark, it was our first sandstorm! That too passed as quickly as it arrived, here anyway.

Friday night (Friday was a busy day!) After the birthday party we went to someone’s apartment for Thanksgiving. We had a fabulous meal accompanied by some lovely people. All in all, a good day was had by all.

Some Photos of our weekend

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