We are still here!

Yikes, sorry guys, yes, we are still here. I know that in the post which I published just before this one I apologised for my lack of writing lately, but that one was written quite a few weeks ago, I just hadn’t hit the “publish” button” I have had some comments regarding my lack of writing, including someone who shall remain nameless who was complaining they didn’t have their bog blog! In other words….well, I’ll leave you to figure it out for yourselves. Mind you, I was threatened that if I exposed their identity, this person would start a blog and dish out the dirt on me. That would obviously be one hell of a long blog!

It’s amazing how time flies. It’s amazing to think we have been here a tad over three months now. It feels like yesterday that we came out of the airport into the most incredible heat and humidity we had ever experienced. It is also pretty amazing how quickly we have settled into life in a place we are proud and happy to call our new home. I fully appreciate that not everybody’s settling in process may have been as smooth as ours, we have had amazing backing which of course makes life a lot easier. In the three months we’ve been here we have sorted out our long term residency (RP), had out Qatari driver’s licences and bought a new car. On the subject of licences; as we both have British driving licences, it was a matter of going to the traffic department which can only be described as an office in palatial surroundings, submit our forms with our eyesight test, pay a small fee and within 15 minutes we both walked out with our Qatari driving licences, how cool is that?!

Discovering Qatar 10470793_10204917465434641_2863161957065365121_o

Well, now that the weather has cooled down, we are out and about every opportunity available. We try and go to once new place every weekend. We have found a wide choice of beaches, some are better than others but the general rule of thumb is to get there early! As we are early birds we don’t mind getting to places early. Last week we went to Simaisma Beach which is some 30 km from Doha. As you can see, the water was amazingly clean! Not only that but it was incredibly shallow, no more than around 3 ft deep! One thing we have learnt, and believe me, “every day is a school day” is that getting changed can be a bit of a challenge so we decided to buy ourselves a tent. Our main tent is on route from the UK so we weren’t about to go and spend crazy money on a tent. we bought a cheap four man tent from Carrefour which does the trick nicely! unfortunately on our first outing, the wind was so strong (that’s quite rare) that we had to put breeze blocks inside it to keep it in place! Anyway, that sorted out our changing problem. We just need to find better pegs as the ones it came with are rubbish, but hey, you get what you pay for! We are looking forward to putting this and our other tent to good use in the coming months. There are some fab places to go camping and this is the time to do it!


Our new tent

Our new tent

Simaisma Beach

Look dad, no stabilizers!

I love cycling, I used to as a kid and I do so even more as an adult (me and the word adult in the same sentence don’t really work; but still…) I am hoping to pass on my love of cycling to Kati, we go out together at weekends and do a couple of km around the compound which is a nice and safe environment. Her confidence has grown enormously in recent weeks so today I decided to do away with the stabilizers and hey presto, we have a very confident little girl riding beautifully! The only issue we have is that the breaks on her bike are too hard for her, I spent some time in a bike shop today trying to sort this out but having no luck, they are a bit better but still too hard so we may just need to bite the bullet and get her another bike. Believe it or not, this is her 3rd bike! First one we bought in Bulgaria and had to sell it as I couldn’t fit it in the car for the drive back to Spain, a couple of weeks before leaving I (stupidly) decided to buy her another one, of course, that one didn’t fit either,  so we had to sell that one too and then this one, which we bought in Spain earlier this year.

Riding without stabilizers!

Riding without stabilizers!



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