Discovering Qatar

I am very aware that I have been a bit lazy of late and not posted much on the blog; leaving people wondering what have we been up to!

The last couple of weeks since I last posted anything have been great fun, lots going on. At my grand old age I should really either write it down straight away or carry pen and paper with me to remind myself of the great places we have been to and the interesting people we have met along the way.

Driving Around Qatar

Camel Racing

Camel Racing

Last Friday we popped over to Ash- Shahaniyah to watch the camel races. Well, we popped over on spec not knowing what to expect or see or even if there were any races on. We arrived and as it happens, there was a race in 15 minutes. We went to the entrance to the track which is nothing like a horse track as we had imagined. At the entrance we asked the police who were standing there if we could go in. He looked at us and said “but you don’t have a 4 x 4” something I already knew! Anyway, he agreed to let us in. We drove to the car park which was full of Land Cruiser. We sort of walked aimlessly for a few minutes asking people where the starting point was. It turned out we were parked right in front of it! I am still none the wiser as to what really happens. We just got back into the car and as soon as the camels were off, all the Land Cruisers followed them along the perimeter of the track. We were quite surprised to notice that the there were no jockeys but robots on the back of the camel!

New Car 10620446_10204745881945161_2893528182134596579_o

Last Thursday we ordered our new car. We opted for a 4 x 4 for several reasons. Firstly, security and safety on the road. Seeing the number of bumps and shunts on the road being in something a little sturdier is a wise idea, extra safety having the spare wheel on the back! Secondly; when our shipment arrives, we will have our tent and what’s left of our camping gear. From what I have researched, there are some pretty cool places for camping which are accessible by 4 x 4 only. Thirdly; space to carry our bikes and bits an pieces. Downside to the car is the model. Whatever possessed Mitsubishi to name it the Pajero really beats me (anyone not knowing what it means click HERE).

Rugby! 1889057_10204718430298887_6496367005200136647_o

Katja loves running around and playing gameslike most 4 year olds, so we decided to let her try her hand at rugby! We popped over to the Doha Rugby Club some 6 weeks ago when they had an open day but they wouldn’t accept Katja as she was too young. Poor kid she was quite gutted but fortunately we found a venue that caters for kids her age; so, a couple of weeks ago, she started tag rugby, she is loving it! We bought her a rugby ball and now as the weather is so much cooler, we pop out after tea (we have tea at 16:30) and we have a mess about and she get to practice a bit and get used to things.

Al Zubarah Fort and Archaeological Site


Al Zubarah Fort

This morning we were up nice and early, well, our usual 5 am start really. We decided to pop out to the Al Zubarah Fort and Archaeological Site which is located an hour or so from Doha. I am glad we went there as it was very interesting and full of fascinating information. It was a shame we didn’t have a chance to visit the deserted village which is a few KM away. Seeming that it’s so close we will pop over in the coming weeks and explore in more detail! If you want more information about Al Zubarah Fort, check out this link:




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