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Wedding Anniversary

They reckon that an average couple will move eight times during their marriage! I can wholeheartedly confirm there’s nothing “average” about us in any way, shape or form, that includes the number of times we have moved!

I think and I really can’t be bothered to actually count them but I reckon that we beat that average in our first two or three years of marriage, but who’s counting anyway.

I must admit that it is scary how quickly the last 20 years have gone bye. We have made so many friends along the way, many of which we remain in close to touch with thanks to social media and other channels, others, sadly we seem to have lost touch with.

So, today, 20 years ago we tied the knot. Both at the tender age of 20 and still had no clue what life was all about. All we knew was that we were right for each other and rather than a couple getting married, it was two best friends saying “I do”. We got married in St John’s church in Weston Rhyn, near Oswestry in Shropshire. I must admit that the day was a bit of a blur. I can remember snippets of the day which I guess were sort of highlights. Our reception was at The hand Hotel, Llanarmon DC (Dyffryn Ceiriog if you were wondering what the DC stood for).

Snippets from my Wedding

Malcolm (best man) and Me waiting for Cathy to arrive

Malcolm (best man) and Me waiting for Cathy to arrive

Here comes the bride – I am (believe it or not) quite a shy character, that remains a big trait of my personality to this day. I can remember standing at the alter waiting for something to happen, I didn’t really dare to look behind me at the increasing crowd sitting staring at me. Then it all happened, the music kicked in (no idea what it was) and I turned round to see a beautiful young lady walking towards me, all of a sudden everyone there disappeared from my sight, there was only one person I could concentrate on. Suddenly, everything felt fine. I have no recollection what happened after that until the point in which we were outside and then the photos began (that’s something else really dislike, having a photo taken of me, but it was soon all over). All our wedding photos are in our shipment, somewhere in Europe…….I think/ I hope.

We were then taken by Allan (can’t remember his surname) in his Jag to the reception. We arrived in the hotel which was some 20 or so minutes down the road from the church (I had my car there already, or someone drove it there for me, I can’t remember). There was a director of ceremonies who was most keen to be part of it all, I really cannot remember of he had been asked to or not but hey, he was there. He was very keen to introduce the Reverend Nigel Cosworth, it was actually the Rev Nigel Coatsworth but still. Time for speeches: Mike’s (father in law) speech was very nice and I remember a lot of it still. Then it was Malcolm’s (best man) turn, I remember a lot of it too Malc (if you’re reading this). Then it was my turn….hmmm. I have only gotten better at public speaking and presentations in the last five years. I became totally tongue-tied when it came to thanking the bridesmaids, there was no way on this planet I was going to be able to say the word bridesmaid without getting it horrifically wrong. No, you can’t even blame alcohol as I was driving that evening!

Once all proceedings were over we headed to the car which had of  course been decorated and tampered with including cornflakes in the air-vents, lots of shaving foam etc etc. We drove back to our new house to fetch something or another only to arrive at our driveway to find someone had parked a rather large speedboat across our driveway. We called the police to report this and walked up to the house. Grabbed what we needed and headed back to the hotel (where we had our reception), after all the hassle we nearly got there too late and were nearly locked out! Anyway, we didn’t get locked out and the next morning we headed off on our honeymoon in Devon.

We knew we would have some sort of adventure in our lifetime and that we weren’t really destined to settle down and conform to what most people in society would consider a “normal” life. Yes, we tried it, we bought our first house a few years after getting married, mowed the grass at weekends, worked 9-5 and tried to keep up with the Jones’s. But after a few years we realised this wasn’t what we wanted in life. It all started with a trip to Spain to visit my parents in 2000 or thereabouts, the rest is history…..

We spent a couple of weeks back home in Oswestry (Oswestry will always be our  cathy and mehome, regardless of wherever we may be in the world). We took the opportunity to pose outside the church were we got married, the photo was taken by our four year old daughter!

We have had ups and downs, high points and low points but overall we never stopped being best friends, enjoying each others company and having fun! We have had lots of support (and a lot of understanding) from a loving family to whom we will always be eternally grateful…..