Daily Archives: 24/09/2014

Cigarettes and Alcohol

Ok, maybe just the alcohol bit, not the cigarettes because after the best part of smoking for 25 years I quit three and a bit years ago. But, hell yes, alcohol indeed!

Our first Alcohol at Home! alcohol

Buying alcohol here isn’t like in other countries where you can just take a walk to a shop or “pop” into your local boozer for a pint. Here, there’s a procedure which needs to be followed before purchasing alcohol to take home. It means having your resident’s permit and then having a license to purchase alcohol.

Price of alcohol ain’t cheap here but not exorbitant either, probably around double what you would pay in the UK from the shop and about the same as you’d pay for a pint in London when purchasing alcohol in a hotel, more or less.

Believe it or not and as crazy as it may sound, being able to have a beer at home does make you feel more at home if that makes any sense!

The Weekend Approacheth!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us, that’s fab! Starting on Friday, we have a birthday party to attend to in the centre (I love driving to the centre, we live on the outskirts of the city which is totally different from the modern skyscrapers). After that we will be going to someone’s house in the compound for a bring your own food and socialize sort of thing (we are taking some home made empanadas and probably will make some Tarator soup which is a Bulgarian cold soup http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarator After that at around 19:00 hrs Cathy is off to an engagement party. Her Qatari teaching assistant is getting married so Cathy had an invite to the engagement party, how cool is that!

Saturday we will probably pop out to Al Wakra family beach, it has been highly recommended, seeming that it’s only 30 km from here we may as well go and visit. Then after that at 15:00 hrs (I think) we are going to see Disney on Ice, Rocking Ever After, along with a few friends. After that, we’ll probably have a bite to eat and then an early night ready for the new week (I keep finding it weird that Sunday is the first day of the working week). Then next Thursday sees the start of Eid holiday break, Cathy and Katja have the week off, we have friends from KSA coming to see us.

A busy weekend ahead of us, but one I am very much looking forward to!