Beautiful Qatar

As the weather cools down we will be going out and exploring more and more areas in this wonderful country. We sort of started off yesterday by taking a drive out of the city, in reality I was trying to see if we could find some camels wandering around. We never imagined what we would encounter instead!

Leaving Doha 1097700_10204486826308932_4734461625988191341_o

We headed out of Doha with the idea to head to the most northerly point in Qatar, Medinat ash Shamal – Friday morning is probably the quietest time of the week to go traveling anywhere. As we headed out of Doha we went past Ikea and all the roadworks there. Even though there was little traffic, by the time we left Doha, there were hardly any cars on the road. We had a superb four lane motorway all to ourselves! As you can imagine, the countryside is pretty baron, come on, we do live in the desert after all! What were you expecting, green rolling hills? Every so often there would be trees surrounding a property or something but other than that not much else. We drove probably around 30 minutes when to the right hand side I spotted the sea. As we hadn’t gone out with any particular plans other than to see what’s out there I came off the motorway and headed towards the sea. We came up to a resort on the beach called Al Ghariyares resort. As we made our way towards the resort we went past loads of Jet Ski and Quad Bike hire places, we arrived at the barrier to the resort but there was nobody there so we took all the details down and continued towards the beach.

We stopped nearby and walked down to the water’s edge. To say it was cropped-kati-on-the-beach.jpg spectacular is an understatement. The water was crystal clear, the sand soft and the water was disappointingly and positively HOT! I say disappointingly because it was already pushing 40 degrees by 9 am and had it been just a touch cooler, that would have been perfect. A friend of mine who has studied the waters around here then told me that this time of the year, water temperature is around 31 degrees (thank’s Jim!). We hadn’t brought our swimming stuff but that didn’t stop us from having a paddle and count ourselves lucky to have places like this on our doorstep. All I can think off after this is “how many other little gems like this can we find?” – After a paddle we headed back onto the motorway and decided to go home. Having not brought a change of clothes we thought it was best to call it a day. We are so enthusiastic about finding new places but at the moment we are a tad restricted by the weather (but this will change in the next couple of weeks) as well as by still running around in a Ford Focus hire car; as soon as we have our 4 x 4 there’ll be nothing stopping us!

We are contacting the resort to try and arrange for a few of us to go there for a weekend, it is truly mind blowing!


Well, that is now on its way, well, when I say on its way I mean it is heading from Spain to England and then from England to Qatar, hopefully it will be here sometime mid December, it is all paid for and all our paperwork is in place! Having done some research before leaving we found out about camping out here. So we decided to send our tent with our shipment. We haven’t used it in around 10 years but it is all OK. When we lived in the UK we used to do a lot of camping, unfortunately, when we moved to Spain we had everything you could ever imagine for camping, however, for several reasons a lot of our camping equipment seems to have gone missing 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡



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