Daily Archives: 17/09/2014

The Land of Dramatic Sunrises and Sunsets

Greetings once more from the land of the most amazing and dramatic sunrises and sunsets.

Sunrise! 10675713_10204474342396842_838902825034986766_n

Oh how I wish I would have had my camera at hand this morning and this evening. Sunday to Thursday the alarm goes off at 05:00. My wake up alarm is to the sweet and soothing sound of Ozzy Osbourne, Cathy’s is some weird cacophony of obnoxious sounds! Until now, by 5 am it has been daylight which means we were not able to witness these amazing sunrises. However, as sunrise is later and later, we are so privileged to witness the most amazing sunrises as well as sunsets. Tonight’s sunset was equally as dramatic as how the day started. It was as if this ball of fire decided it had had enough for one day and graciously bowed out for the night. Unfortunately I was driving in heavy traffic so I was unable to do much about it other than just marvel at this phenomenal sunset I was so lucky to witness.

Medical for Me!

With a little under 24 hours notice I was told tomorrow (Thursday) I have to go for a medical for my RP. I was a little surprised as I was told I wouldn’t need one but hey, let’s go with the flow and get on with it. At least all I have to do is turn up at school and they’ll take me there and bring me back. So other than volunteer my arm for a blood test and stand up for a chest X ray I don’t have to do much more than that! Blood test is to check for any VDs (we had those done in Spain for our visa less than six months ago) and the chest X ray is to check for TB. I can say I am clear on all counts (I’d have some explaining to do if I wasn’t). One of the fab things about living in a sort of community as we do is that everyone is happy to help out, even at short notice. So, tomorrow instead of me picking Kati up, she’ll go back to someone’s house on the bus with their nanny, simple and no hassle! Of course, we will return the favour at the first available opportunity.

New School, New Country NEW BUGS!

Poor Kati has been struggling with a horrible cold (funny phrase that as no one has ever referred to it as a lovely cold). Anyway, she’s been struggling today, lots of sneezing and plenty of nasal explosions, say no more! I am struggling with a head cold and Cathy is also coming down with it too!

Away with Routine

We decided to break away with our routine of Thursday shopping and do our main shopping tonight, I know, shock horror! We had to go into town to renew our hire car so we thought we may as well kill two birds with one stone and get the shopping done too while we were at it. We are waiting for one last bit of paper and we will be buying a car. It’s quite annoying paying every month for a hire car!  While we were in Carrefour we thought we may as well buy tea there. So we popped to the rotisserie to see what we could pick out. We had some equivalents of onion bhaji,  some spicy breaded chicken drumsticks, some vegetable spring rolls and some samosas. I must admit they looked better than what they tasted but they were good anyway!


Next week we’ve been invited to a bring some food sort of gathering at someone’s house (there’ll be booze) so I thought I may as well show off with some of my cooking skills. For someone who not so long ago couldn’t even boil water without burning it this is pretty good going! I decided to make some empanadas. If you’re unfamiliar with what they are they are a typical Argentinian pastry dish sort of similar to a Cornish pasty but much smaller, same sort of principle. Thanks to Grandma I think it will work this time. My previous attempt was in Bulgaria several years ago and it all ended up in the bin! I shall also have a go at making Chicken Dansak at the weekend, one of my favourite dishes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhansak

Weekend is Nearly Here!

We are all so looking forward to the weekend to recharge our batteries, we are all pretty knackered, it has been non-stop since July. we are all due a bit of a break. Cathy has 1 week holiday in October. Jim and Anna will be driving over from Saudi Arabia to see us. Last time we saw them was in Bulgaria a few years ago, will be great to see them again!

Shipment News!

Hurrah! we can now give the shipping agent the green light for our shipment! As it’s a UK company we have to pay in GBP, fortunately, thanks to the whole Scotland independence uncertainty the £ has dropped a bit in value which favours us enormously so we are organising all that before the Pound goes back up again. We should hopefully have our shipment early to mid December!