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Cooking in Qatar

Being a bit of a chef wannabe, I can say hand on heart that I am in cooking heaven here, just wandering around Carrefour or even Lulu’s and seeing all the spices gets me most excited, shame I don’t know what to do with them at the moment!

Missing Targets

One of my aims when we left Spain was to cut down on drinking and lose weight, after having “accidentally” weighed myself as I was casually walking past a set of scales really confirmed my suspicions that I really have to lose weight! Since arriving in Doha a little over a month ago I have achieved 50% of my targets (cut down on drinking and losing weight), I must admit that the cutting down on drinking is more to do with the fact that we don’t have a license to buy alcohol (yet) and there’s nowhere to actually buy a drink near us! On the losing weight bit, now that is a totally different story!

Home Cooking vs Eating Out


Food here is absolutely fabulous, whether you go out for a meal (we’ve eaten out several times and are yet to have a bad meal), or whether you are cooking at home, there’s a great selection to choose from! For example, on Saturday (that’s the equivalent of your Sunday in most cases) we cooked a rack of lamb which we bought for 26 QR (5.50€ or £4.60). Imagine our surprise when we opened the package and found it was actually two racks of lamb! These were cooked gently for a few hours in mint sauce, the outcome was pretty good, value for money one must give it a 10/10.

The night before we ate in the restaurant at the club house, Cathy (philistine) had fish and chips (yes, I know, that famous eastern European meal!) and I beef medallions with vegetables (perhaps not that much better) but once again it was fabulous (I don’t do fish so I can only take Cathy’s word for it that it was good).

Mike goes off at a Tangent…… Again!

Yesterday morning we popped out to see a couple of dealerships and look at cars (yup, I was in heaven)! We popped into Mitsubishi and spoke to a really helpful lady. After that we drove across town to the Toyota dealership. There we met a….. not so helpful chap. One of these so called sales people who wasn’t overly interested in what we had to say. Still, after comparing the Toyota vs Mitsubishi, we decided to go with the Mitsubishi Pajero (remember in Spanish this is slang for, well, check it out on Wikipedia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitsubishi_Pajero By the way, it was my aunt who found this on Wikipedia, in order not to embarrass her, she shall remain nameless but the first letter of her name is G and ends in E! I negotiated a pretty good deal on the price of the car to include insurance, registration and tinted windows which are a must (they also have to be approved by the government and have a certificate), our only dilema now is whether to wait until the Eid holiday when many dealerships have special deals or to buy now. Part of me says wait, part of me tells me we’ve had a good deal and she ain’t going to improve on that….decisions, decisions!



Walkabout the Compound 10612754_10204449800903320_7131078148815189359_n

After our lovely roast and as the temperature had dropped to a very pleasant 38 degrees or so, I popped out with Kati for a wander around the compound. It was a good chance for Kati to take her bike for a spin and for us to investigate some of the parts of the compound that you can’t access with the car. In the past few days the drop in temperature has been quite noticeable, especially in the mornings. This morning it was 29 degrees at 6:10 when I took the girls to school. What has helped tremendously is that humidity has dropped too. During some of the more humid days (70% – 80%) as soon as one walks outside, if you’re wearing glasses the steam up immediately,i t is then that you realise how humid and hot it is!