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First Month in Qatar

Time flies, said the monkey, as he threw the clock out of the window! No, I mean time has really flown the past four weeks have been so busy and so many thing have happened that they have just literally flown by!

End of Katja’s First Week at School IMG_20140912_081019

I picked Katja up from school and with great excitement showed me a certificate issued to her to congratulate her on completing her first week at school. She had a good week. She had a couple of ups and downs but overall she had a good week. She has enjoyed her first week and loves her teachers. She’s coming up with several Arabic words as she is learning Arabic at school too (I am jealous as I really want to learn Arabic too).

The Magic Key to Qatar!

Yesterday (Thursday) was a pretty good day as Cathy had her RP (this means we can buy a car and buy alcohol!) The RP is our long stay permit, mine should be ready in around three weeks. This also means that we are once again reunited with our passports too. Talking with Jamaal (our Indian driver) and RP is a magical key that opens all doors in Qatar! So, next week the real car hunt begins!

Brunch at 18:30 hrs!

My understanding of the term “Brunch” is that it’s a compound word meaning breakfast and lunch but not here!

We had an invite from Steve who we met through Twitter and then met up in person in Villagio a couple of weeks ago invited us to brunch at the Marriots, icing on the cake (and there was lots of cake) is that there’s alcohol too! Katy and Andrew very kindly offered to look after Katja for the evening so we could go out (thank you guys, we are eternally grateful for this as it is the first we’ve gone out without Katja since Damon and Elise looked after her when we lived in Bulgaria a couple of years ago). We spoke to Jamaal our Indian driver and now friend to pick us up at 17:45 to make sure we got there on time to maximise the number of hours of eating and drinking! After Cathy finished school we dropped Katja off at Andrew and Katy’s and soon after Sanjit (Jamaal’s colleague) picked us up bang on time. We left the compound in Sanjit’s Toyota Corolla which had a perfume bottle on the dashboard filling the car with some weird pungent aroma. I tried to strike conversation with him but this was as painful as pulling teeth, he wasn’t very chatty plus his English wasn’t exactly brilliant. Anyway, after a rather painful 1/2 hour of uncomfortable semi-silence keeping entertained by watching cars drive like if they are on a race track and watching several near misses as we carved our way through traffic to our final destination. We arrived at the Marriott Hotel just before anyone else. Steve and family arrived soon after and then several other people arrived too. We met a load of great and interesting people and had a fantastic night out.


WOW! I only wish I had taken a photo of what was available – It was mind blowing to put it mildly. If you imagine a gallery lined up with very nicely presented food ending in a large oval room with more food in the middle! The choice of food was simply AMAZING (Indian, Chinese, Middle East, Sushi, Fish, Roasts, Salads, Vegetables and the list went on and on) – Once we had attempted to eat as many different dishes as we could (we probably tried less than 10% of what was there) it was time for desserts! We are used to Spanish desserts (and Bulgarian for that matter) which look amazing but when you taste them it’s like eating sugary cardboard (in my opinion)- Here it was the reverse, presentation wasn’t brilliant but wow, it tasted amazing! We ate and drank and had a fab time, every time my beer glass was empty, it was replaced by a fresh full one! Jamaal picked us up from the hotel and we headed back home via Katy and Andrew’s to pick Kati up, apparently she had a great evening swimming and playing with all the other kids so all in all, a good evening was had by all of us!

I am sitting here this morning having been woken up child at 06:15, we are both compus mentus and not nursing a hangover, we paced ourselves last night as we know (from past experience) that looking after a rather demanding child nursing a hangover does not lead to an enjoyable day!

End of First Month Here

During our first month here we have achieved a lot; in saying that, we didn’t really do a lot for it as it was thanks to the amazing support we’ve had from school and the team who made the transition painless. We just cooperated with what they asked us to do and they got the job done. We are now looking forward to the coming weeks when temperatures drop so we can investigate and visit places. As well as that, we are looking forward to Jim and Ana’s visit in early October!

We shall now enjoy our weekend (remember that’s Friday and Saturday) by going for a nice swim (as soon as the sun goes down as it’s still too hot, 45 degrees yesterday) and then an early night!