Daily Archives: 08/09/2014

Confused in Qatar

Have you ever woken up after going into a deep sleep and not knowing what time of the day it is and feeling confused? I’ve heard of this being called sleep drunkenness.

Confused download

No chances of me being drunk in any way, shape or form, after all, we haven’t had our RPs yet so therefore not able to buy alcohol, yes, I know we can go to a bar etc, etc but we haven’t got round to it yet. Mind you, in saying that, we will be going out on Thursday to an all you can eat/ drink brunch but more about that on Friday….or maybe Saturday!

The reason I used that phrase as an opening line is that yesterday I became so engrossed in work and on online meetings that I totally forgot where I was. I mean completely. This has happened to me in the past when I was traveling a lot between Spain, UK and Morocco and on one ocassion I had to switch the TV on in the hotel to figure out where I was. Yesterday after having to cut short a skype meeting and fly out the door to pick little Katja up (after all, what kind of responsible dad would I be if I was late on her first day, for more on that look at yesterday’s post Carmageddon). As I flew out of the door in our apartment I was completely lost as to where I was, it was only when I opened the downstairs door and that wall of 45 degrees heat hits you and then seeing my Qatari number plate on the car that I suddenly remembered where I was!

In the past six weeks we’ve traveled a lot, by car, plane and ferries, it’s hardly surprising that a certain amount of confusion may creep in, it’s either that or Alzheimer’s setting in !