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Having been warned about the serious traffic in Doha I was a little apprehensive as to what would happen Sunday morning when 243,000 kids in the 300 + schools in Doha went back to school! Please note that the word “Carmageddon” is a borrowed word and not my creation!

Anyway, before I go steaming in to Sunday let’s catch up on what we did on Saturday!

Saturday started as most “normal” Saturdays, we were summoned by our child master at around 05:30 and informed it was time to get up. “Note to self: must train child to switch TV on and leave us alone until we wake up naturally! ” Anyway, we were all awake and so the day began. We looked out of the window and hey, guess what? It was sunny and hot, even at this unsociable hour you can already feel the heat coming in through the windows. As Saturday was the last day of Katja’s summer break and Sunday was to be an early start we had to make sure she didn’t have a nap as the plan was for an early night.

Early Morning Swim

We popped over to the club house at 08:30, it was already 39 degrees. We had a quick swim as you really don’t want to be in direct sunlight for much more than 1/2 an hour, even with factor 50 sun cream. From there we popped into the rugby club, there were two reasons for this trip: 1) Katja is interested in rugby and there was an open day and 2) they have a bar with alcohol (not for this time of the morning but to see what the crack with it is). Anyway, thanks to WAZE (this is a fab GPS app for smart phones) we managed to find our way there. They were holding an open day, unfortunately at 4 years old Katja is too young. Kati of course was most disappointed so we headed off to Villagio Mall for a consolation ice cream (for those wondering about my diet it is Sunday to Thursday).10615459_10152732863949797_909813543231414030_n There we had an ice cream (it looked nicer than it tasted) and then we popped into Carrefour to pick up a couple of basics. There we found they had a special offer on LED TVs and as we really needed one we picked one up. The TV in the apartment is a very old one, Cathy’s iPad has a connector for the TV which means we can log onto www.filmon.com and watch UK TV (BBC, ITV, Cbeebies etc, etc). We then drove home and enjoyed our new toy, or I should say, Katja enjoyed the new toy with a Cbeebies marathon!

After tea it was time for a bath and a very early night ready for an early start on Sunday morning, she was fast asleep by 18:45 and apart from waking up once, she slept right through until we woke her up at 05:30!

First Day at Qatar Academy! 10629273_10204407843854420_8414197443870855981_o

The big day had arrived, not sure who was more excited about it, Katja or me! She got herself dressed into her uniform very quickly and couldn’t wait to leave! Eventually after breakfast at 06:15 we headed out to school, I was very unsure as to what to expect as far as traffic was concerned. We only live a few km from school but in the last couple of days I have noticed an increase in traffic. Anyway, we drove to school and managed to avoid all the traffic, we took exactly the same length of time in getting there as we have done so far! Still worried about Carmageddon I headed to school early to pick Kati up. At this point I should mention that her school day is from 07:00 to 12:00 hrs, next year she has after school clubs etc etc. So, I set off at 11:30 to pick her up, I  was at school by 11:40 and sat in the car until just before 12:00. What have I learnt today? That we are incredibly fortunate to be so close to school and miss out on the traffic jams which obviously don’t affect this area! I picked Katja up from her class and she’d had a great day, thoroughly enjoyed her new class, teachers and new friends.