The Great Car Hunt

For those of you who have known me for some time you will know that I love cars, particularly going out looking for a new car or a new toy, I have a very long car history, most of which is quite dodgy like at one point owning a brown Austin Montego 1.3 (it did get better from there, honest, my motorbike history is considerably better apart from the Yamaha Virago 535 which I crashed)

Anyway, the day kicked off in sort of usual style, being summoned by our 4 year old master at 6 am, way too early but hey, we are used to it….sort of.

We were met by one of Cathy’s colleagues who has been here several years and we followed her to a place where they sell cheap things for the house, school, etc etc, a little bit like a pound shop. We had a wander and bought several items for the house which we needed…or not, I am undecided on that.

Having done the boring bits we then embarked on the great car hunt – I have (of course) been researching cars for the past 8 months, funny how things change as soon as you are here and see the reality. Anyone reading this in Qatar please feel free to laugh and ridicule us at our original choice. Initially (until we arrived) we were considering either a Mitsubishi L200, Toyota Hilux king cabs, that sort of thing. When we arrived, we noticed that these are the preferred vehicles for those working on building sites, certainly not a family vehicle in the slightest, not one a respectable westerner would like to be seen in. Anyway, we opted for the Mitsubishi Pajero (OK, anyone in South America now please feel free to laugh at me, for anyone unfamiliar with the term, Pajero is slang for w****r in South American Spanish). We popped into a dealership, or more like an NCP car park and spoke to a rather uninterested sales person who half halfheartedly showed us to the car (I was quite annoyed as I had even dressed up for the occasion, OK, by dressed up I mean I wore a pair of jeans). The deal was OK, nothing to write home about, but OK. Considering there are dozens of dealers pretty much one after the other, I really expected a little more enthusiasm but hey, what can you do. This lack of enthusiasm was before I even told him we are currently waiting for our RPs (Resident’s Permit), without this we cannot do a thing, then he really lost interest and nearly showed us the door! At least we now know what we are dealing with and what to expect. Hopefully, fingers crossed we will have our (or at least Cathy’s) RPs sometime in the next month or so…………maybe, hopefully.

After this we decided to pop out to IKEA, oh, and I think the rest of Doha had a similar thought too. It was a very successful shopping trip which I am delighted with as we only bought ONE item for a total of 17 QR (3,68€), now that’s what I call a result!

We arrived home and Katja who had started being a pain in the neck in IKEA was fast asleep, we carried her upstairs and had a nice long sleep, she woke up in a lovely mood and we made our way to Villagio Mall to meet up with Steve and family. Note to self: “Never go to a shopping mall on a Saturday evening, it was heaving, and I mean heaving!

We had a lovely evening with Steve and family who until then I had only chatted with through Twitter, we ended up going to the Red Lobster for a bite to eat, great food, great company and a fab way to wrap up a most enjoyable weekend.


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