Is Everything Bigger in the Middle East?

Being complete “newbies” in Qatar we walk around in amazement at everything and notice things that perhaps those who have been here longer than us no longer notice or just accept as normal!

As an estate agent I always look at properties in a different sort of way to what normal people do. One thing that struck me from the very first moment we walked into our apartment was the size of things! The height of the ceilings, the weight of the doors, the size of the cooker and more than anything else, the height and width of the doors. Our front door is at least 7′ high by approximately 5′ wide, the rest of the doors in the apartment are all about 7′ high too, it is quite a feature!

When you go out on the road, particularly heading towards Doha city centre, the architecture is spectacular, I am a huge fan of traditional architecture with arches etc etc, however, the modern buildings as you head towards the city centre are simply magnificent. It is quite an honour and a privilege to be able to witness a country being built. Wherever you look there’s construction going on. Whether it is a new stadium, a new road, a new building or a new car park, there’s construction in every direction, especially on the outskirts. I must admit we are really looking forward to autumn and for temperatures to come down a bit so we can explore other places apart from modern malls. We are particularly keen to explore the Souq and all the more traditional areas but for that you need to wait for cooler temperatures.

Playing in the Heat 10410418_10204309562317443_4055143792181968686_n

This morning I drove Cathy to school then took Katja out for a play in the park in the compound before it got too hot, it was 8:15 am and it was pushing 40 degrees but we managed to play for a bit  in the play area which is all under cover

We played for around 20 minutes then decided to head home and seek refuge in our air conditioned apartment where I think we will remain until we pick Cathy up at 14:45 –

One of the (numerous) interesting things here is that it gets dark very early, at the moment it is dark by 18:30, a big contrast compared to Spain, UK and even Bulgaria where it is daylight until much, much later. This in reality is a blessing in disguise as you can then go out and do things without having to wait until late. Evenings feel a bit “stickier” but at least you don’t have the sun to deal with too so you can do things outside like going to the park, swimming etc etc etc.

Third Culture Kids

In reply to my write up from yesterday, Ana sent me a very interesting website regarding Third Culture Kids (TCKs) – In a nutshell, these are kids which are brought up in a culture different to that of their parents, also known as mini citizens of the world. I will look into this site in more detail and with great interest as this is very applicable to Katja as she grows up, if you want to check it out yourself, have a look at

How is my diet going?

How’s the diet going, I hear you say! Well, perhaps you forgot I am trying to lose weight, but I sure as hell haven’t! I am doing OK and three days in I am coping well. I have a fruit juice for breakfast and for lunch, then for tea I have real food, I just need to control how much I eat! This is so hard here as food is SUPERB, curries, spices and so many different new flavours, so many new foods to experiment with!

We are now gearing ourselves for the weekend, plenty of things on such as going such as shopping, going to someone’s house on Friday and looking at cars on Saturday, oh yes, we also want to head out to the desert to find some camels too!


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