Wednesday January 22

Another day, another Euro, well, this being Spain it’s more like, another day a few Euros poorer!

So, what can I tell you that you don’t already know? It seems like the clock is ticking ever so slowly, we are sitting here wishing it were August, I know, you are probably thinking, silly muppets, wishing their lives away. However, Spanish winters, believe it or not are pretty hard, especially when you live in an old big house. We only have a wood burner for heating, even though temperatures don’t drop that low, it does feel pretty chilly. We will certainly not miss lighting the fire in the evenings and spending 120€ a month on wood. Oh well, hopefully we only have another 4 weeks of cooler weather before things start picking up in March.

We are painting at the weekend, OK, that was the Royal we! Cathy will be painting the areas I rendered last weekend, I will spend a few hours with Katja, we’ll pop into Fuengi and buy some things for her bike and pop in to see mother while we are there.

Not much to report, see you soon!


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