Tell me Why I Don’t Like Mondays

No, you don’t need to tell me, I know why I don’t like them. Sunday evenings feel like standing at the abyss, the clock ticks and Monday is ever nearer!

It has been an OK weekend, we (Cathy) finished off painting the sitting room and entrance hallway, I must admit, it looks very nice! It has made the entrance hallway look a lot bigger.

Friday was a frustrating day, we just found out that Cathy is being taxed on Katja’s free place in Sotogrande School, this is now costing us a lot of money, not only that, but as her contract includes lunch at school, she is also being taxed on that! And the government dares to say that the country is out of the doldrums? Rob from Peter to pay Paul springs to mind. As I wrote earlier on, in one year, 200,000 immigrants left Spain, that’s the equivalent to 547 people per day, every day; these figures don’t include Spaniards trying to earn a living elsewhere. I was talking with a Spanish businessman on Friday, he was very happy that he managed to sell some shares and not lose money. It is a sad state of affairs when not losing money is a cause to celebrate!

I spent Saturday afternoon cycling with Katja, she’s extremely good and becoming very confident. We cycled for the first time together, we rode 6.6km, our average speed was a little over 6 kph. I think for a 3 and a bit year old, that is pretty good. Upon our return, we did some chores in the house then popped out to the bar. Dano and Becky gave Katja a lovely hat and a cat (which I proceeded to name Kiwi). Kati looks adorable in her new hat and loves her cat. She came into our room at stupid o’clock in the morning, stood by our bed like some ghostly figure and all she could muster was, where’s my cat?!

Skipping Sunday, Standing by the Abyss, Roll on Monday! (26/01/14)

I have been meaning to collect the base of a bed I bought several months ago, I managed to collect the mattress as it fitted in my car, however, the base didn’t. I had hoped it would fit easily enough, but nothing ever does. I had to take Kati’s seat out which I really didn’t want to do but hey ho, I did. Just as I expected, it was a real swine to fit back in but I did it. We then did several trips to the skip today, we had several items of furniture we had to get shot of as they were in pretty poor condition thanks to people who shall remain nameless….. After that, we popped over to Joe and Sue’s house to pick up our treadmill. Cathy has been nagging me for weeks that she wants to get into shape as she’s committed herself to some 15 km run in May.

At about 3 we popped down to Marbella to chill out, we took Kati’s bike with us and she had a good ride along the sea front in Marbella. It was buzzing, bars and restaurants were packed! It was lovely walking around in shorts and T-shirt in January! There were even people sunbathing. Then it was back home, light the fire and enjoy a good old fashioned Sunday roast with roasties and sprouts!

It’s the beginning of a new week or as we see it, one less week to go, happy new week to you!

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