Refreshment to Labour

I have always sort of been into writing, I’ve had blogs in the past but I never got round to update them. I have done some write ups over the past few months, these are some of the write ups on the run up to moving from Spain to Qatar, chronologically they are out of sync with current stuff as they’ve been written several months ago.

From Refreshment to Labour! (January 20th 2014)

Having procrastinated since the beginning of November, it was time to get the cement mixer going and once more, crack on with the house.

We have 28 weekends left, it may seem like a long time, but in Spain, time seems to go double quick (so does money but more of that later).

Our house is blessed with having briquettes throughout, in a weird sort of way, it works, even though it sounds a bit tacky but it works. However, as these old houses have no damp-proofing, a certain amount of damp is normal. Long storey cut short, briquettes not only gather lots of dust and make a dark house look and feel even darker, that’s problem number one; problem number two which is the most serious, is the fact that damp wasn’t allowed to dissipate or find its way out so they were starting work their way off the wall! I stripped several walls and entire rooms, even nearly managed to electrocute myself as I got carried away with a chisel and hammer! Anyway, I stripped a column in the sitting room back in November and haven’t gone back to it until Sunday.

It was a weird week as Katja managed to come down with the cold I had just got over and in true Kati form, her temperature went sky high on Thursday resulting in a mad dash to Coin which is 7 miles down the road. We saw the same quack (I’m sorry but I really can’t call it a Dr) that we had seen several weeks earlier when Kati was bitten by something by her right eye and it swelled up to the point she couldn’t open it! Anyway, the witch Dr quack checked her over and said she had a cold, wow, I could have told her that bit! She prescribed some medication after scribbling her weight on a piece of paper and done some rough calculations as to dosage. She then printed a prescription saying she had to take paracetamol for 86 days! Needless to say, 48 hours later she was all sorted. It’s during situations like these that we realise how much we miss Dr Stoychkov from Bulgaria and the health care package we had there.

By Sunday we all had cabin fever so had to get out of the house so we popped out to Fuengirola sea front and Kati rode her bike for a bit which did her the world of good and on our return I sponged down the pillar I had done in the morning.

Today (20.01.14) Cathy sent our paperwork off to Qatar, this is already starting to feel like a long move! As Kati would say, “It’s taking too long”!

Last one to Leave Spain, Please Switch the Light Off!

It was with great pleasure that we found out that two of Cathy’s colleagues working with her in the same school where she is now have also accepted job offers in the same school as where Cathy will be teaching in Qatar, they also have kids, one of similar age to Kati so that worked out very nicely.

I read an interesting article in El Mundo on Thursday, the headline was, 200,000 immigrants left Spain in one year! That equates to 547 people every day, which is a massive number.

Many of them had come over to live and work here and as work has run dry, have left. It is hardly surprising we are all leaving in droves. Two instances which really brought it home in the past 36 hours are:

  • A couple living near Alhaurin el Grande in the campo, house was burgled. Rang 112 for police. They were told to ring the Guardia Civil. No answer until the morning. Even then, according to what they said, the police weren’t too interested as they didn’t have an interpreter.
  • Social security payments going up, businesses and individuals being taxed to breaking point, this will affect us, we just don’t know by how much yet.

I have never been in love with Spain, I have always had a bit of a love hate relationship with the place, however, we had some fond memories of the place and whilst we realised it wasn’t going to be an easy move, I don’t think we were really prepared for how much the place had changed. The weather remains good (even though we hate Spanish winters), however, we as many other Brits living here, we feel that enjoying 325 days a year of sunshine, is too-high-a-price to pay for the rest of the rubbish you have to put up with!

Bye for now!

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