Daily Archives: 13/08/2014

Leaving Spain

Mike, Cathy and Katja

We have known since December 2013 that we were leaving Spain in August, the run up to us actually leaving seemed to take for ever, but little by little time was passing and when we least expected it, time was up, it was time for good byes and time to hit the road!

Everything that we were keeping was either packed and shipped to Qatar or loaded in the car and all set for an early start.

After one last visit to LBV bar and further goodbyes, I tried to get some sleep, yeah right, no chance of that happening! The alarm was set for 2 am, I kept waking up every few minutes, paranoid I would oversleep. Eventually, the alarm went off, it was time for a shower and time to get things into action. The car was fully packed, the air was warm and several drunks were trying…

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